Self massage as a grounding ritual

Self massage as a grounding ritual

Herbal body oiling has become one of my most beloved rituals…

A yummy ceremony to commune & heal with the high vibrations of the plants. This is a practice that tends to our nervous, lymphatic, immune, and musculoskeletal systems as the medicinal plants are directly transferred through our largest organ (our skin ) from which they can access all other systems. 

A simple way to nourish and ground the body into a state of calm relaxation and health.

Nervous system nourishment:

A vital form of self care, in such a fast paced, goal orientated society, is to tend to and nourish our nervous system. Being in this calm centeredness, in tune with our soul, emotions and inner wisdom enables us to take on anything that may come in the way of our peace, with ease. It is such a gift to be able to access the magic and simplicity of body oiling. To start each day with this grounding ritual of reaching for your favorite oil, inhaling it’s delicate, sensual scent, and slowly, gently spreading it on your skin, feeling loved, safe, and nurtured as you do so.

”Whatever your philosophy of life, the nervous system is your only means of connecting and interacting with your world. If you treat your nervous system like the sensitive system it is, it will play back the finest music to enrich your being. Keep it tuned and healthy, feed it well, and protect it from overuse and exploitation, and your reward will be a life of exquisite quality. Through even the most stressful events, you will feel centered and empowered.“

— Rosemary Gladstar.

Lymphatic/immune system nourishment:

The lymphatic systems aka our immune system is one of the only systems in our body that need touch to function and flow with optimal grace. When our skin is dehydrated, the lymph is dehydrated which causes it to stagnate, in turn causing strain to the immune system. Herbal oils (as opposed to creams and lotions ) provide the skin with deep hydration which keeps these systems hydrated, nourished, and running smoothly. This simple ritual of self massage relieves congestion in the body, gets out lymph to flow, releases toxins, strengthens the immune system and relieves inflammation. 

Your protective auric field: 

Before the body feels pain, the various layers of our protective aura have been compromised, psycho-emotional issues gradually make their way to our physical body… The best way to flow with grace, from the intuition and guidance of our heart field, is to enhance our auric field using the protective aura and unique energy of plant through herbal oils as support. Feeling their spirits radiating out into our energy field, clearing our blockages, protecting and enhancing our own energy field, attuning to their healing vibration. By making herbal body oiling a ritual, you create a layer of nourishing protection around your body, it enables you to slow down and decrease any anxiety and overwhelm.

A beautiful invitation for ritual:

Creating our own magical and sacred space already grounds us in our heart space. Even if we only have a couple of minutes in the morning… or maybe we curate our evening in with a nice warm shower, or bath with some incense, relaxing music and candles all around… Choose the oil that calls you the most in the moment, there is a reason why it calls you now, and another one calls you at another moment in time… Place a few drops in your hands, rub your palms together and first inhale the scent of the plants, surrendering to each different aroma. Start at your feet and work your way up, massaging your entire body, tending to every inch, being your own lover, listening to whatever feels the best to you, now. Allow yourself to receive. Once you are done, let the oil sink into your skin before wearing clothes, lay in the sun, meditate, lounge in a towel, whatever feels good! It doesn’t always have to be done in the most sacred space, it can be simple, just nourishing and healing…





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