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Sacred Womb & Boob Oil

Sacred Womb & Boob Oil

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Ylang Ylang, 60ml
Rose, 60ml

Directions: apply to womb & or boobs in slow light strokes between ovulation and period, or whenever required.


Simmondsia Chinensis (jojoba) frankincense infusion oil*, Vitis Vinifera(grapeseed ) oil*,Vitamin E oil*, Magnesium oil*, Iodine, Boswellia Sacra(frankincense ) oil*, Cananga odorata (ylang ylang ) oil*, *Organic 


Made in Germany

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great product

I love the rose smell :)

Total life changer!

I’ve been using this since I took Elea’s course last year and I can’t believe an oil can literally change my life quality so much !
I massage my breasts and womb according to the classes she gave us, like twice a week and a little more on my period and it’s stopped my breasts from swelling before my period and my cramps are 80% decreased. Highly recommended!

An oil that saved my life during period

So far so VERY good! I didn’t use a single pill of painkiller already during the first cycle for cramps when I used this oil. My breasts were not as painful or tender prior to period start. Some symptoms still remain of course. Like temperature shifts and lower back along with lower abdomen dull pain are still there. Overall, I feel brave for observing my body and the pain level during this cycle before reaching for painkillers. I think this oil was a success and made a tremendous difference for me. A definite recommendation for anyone trying to use less painkillers during painful periods and reduce overall PMS symptoms. Not to mention it is very nourishing to the skin.