Olajiva is a space of loving presence

A place of contemplation as to what self love means to you

A sanctuary where to create rituals that feed your body-mind, and soul

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Elea Gisele is a somatic coach & womb wellness educator on a mission to help women be the best version of themselves, in line with their heart and soul's deepest yearnings aka life's purpose.

My background: osteopathy, biodynamic cranisacral, posturology, hatha, Anusara, vinyasa flow, yin, pilates

I love: life, every moment, tango, non-verbal communication, touch, massages, shells, bells, colors, painting, art, nature, cacao natural dyes, beaches, palm trees, walking barefoot, chanting. learning new skills, reading, writing, flowers, oils, beach huts, the ocean, dancing, Italy, Corfu, Bali...

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