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100hr Organic Metamorphosis Yinyang retreat/ yin & yoga Nidra ttc

100hr Organic Metamorphosis Yinyang retreat/ yin & yoga Nidra ttc

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Yin & Yoga nidra training at Yoga in Salento


On the menu:


An exploration of our masculine & feminine energies (Shiva/Shakti)

Cyclical awareness & practices

Womb wisdom

Yin & restorative (daily theory, practice)

Hatha flow

Yoga Nidra (practice & theory)

Yoga philosophy

Taoist energy body practices

Mudras & TCM acupoints & meridians

Shadow work to release where you feel stuck and fearful

Sequencing for meridians & psychosomatic complaints



ecofeminism workshop

Fire & cacao ceremonies

Picture shoot


-lead trauma informed classes (recognize the signs of trauma)

-be clear on your cuing yin vs yang

-create therapeutic classes for physical and emotional issues


This retreat is a beautiful self-care get-away into nature & sun, helping you remember the pleasures of living a life of simple aliveness and unveiling the wisdom of the 4 Elements of Nature. It offers a unique opportunity to delve deep into those elemental forces, fostering a holistic understanding of their influence on your life.


As well as the daily yoga classes, yang and yin, to foster our masculine and feminine energies, we will delve into energy cultivation techniques to improve the flow to our hormonal and reproductive systems, thus helping fertility, and hormonal health and wellness. Also expect daily rituals through ceremonies celebrating these elements.


Earth – Are you looking for more stability and confidence in your decisions?


Water – Are you seeking to untangle and deeply experience your emotions, unleash your creativity, and gracefully navigate life’s challenges?


Fire – Do you want to ignite the fire within you, feel it´s transformative power and rediscover your passion for life?


Air – Are you yearning for a sense of inner lightness and expansiveness, drawing possibilities toward you instead of tirelessly pursuing them?


By engaging in practices that harmonize these 4 elements , you will not only deeply reconnect with nature but also rediscover the balance within yourself.


Take daily yin and yang yoga sessions, meditation, breathwork, journaling exercises, body work workshops and much more. There will also be plenty of time to relax, recharge, explore and spend time with the community or just with yourself.


A deep reconnection to your soul, cyclicality of life and intrinsic womb wisdom


Enjoy a 2 hour morning Sadhana including chanting, pranayama, meditation, asana.

Attend as many or as little workshops as you wish.

Visit local beaches, and villages surrounding beautiful Salento, or chill by the pool.

Enjoy the relaxing evening classes (yin, yoga Nidra, sound healing, restorative, kirtan)


What your 100hr training looks like:


This program is especially centered around the balance between our masculine and feminine energies and how to channel them through challenging daily morning HATHA (meaning asana, closer to a slow vinyasa flow/ masculine) practices and evening yin, restorative and yoga Nidra (feminine).


This week you will delve deep into yoga philosophy through the lense of our Indian Monk, Dr Keshava Murthy


Each day we will explore the art of sequencing, smart yin and Yang cuing for enhancing the power of each pose and asana, the art of asana through detailed posture clinics and the art of Mudra, bandha and mantra for womens wellness.


Some evenings will be dedicated to kirtan, others to Q&A sessions specialized in anatomy related to advanced sequencing or cyclical wellness practices and energy body cultivation techniques for women and men.


Embodied understanding of the chakra system, not only deeply anatomical but energetically through energy work and meditations.

Enhance your understanding of prana, or how “breath is boss”


Leave with a 100hr CED cert, yoga alliance accredited


Typical day (pick and choose if in retreat mode)

8:00-10:00 Morning Sadhana

10:00-11:30 Brunch

11:30-13:30 Theory

13:30-16:00 Integration Break and snacks

16:00-17:15 Workshops

17:15-18:30 Yin, yoga Nidra, kirtan

18:30-20:00 Dinner & connection time

20:00-22:00 workshops


August 3rd arrival day: make sure to arrive at Brindisi airport by 2pm, we will have a welcome ceremony at 5pm

August 10th departure: you can book a flight to leave any time after 10am


Investment :

Triple all inclusive bar flight: €1399

Twin all inclusive bar flight: €1599

Private all inclusive bar flight €1799

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